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Moisture Meters: Frequently Asked Questions

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At Sonin, we are the moisture meter experts. Therefore, we get a lot of questions from people about our moisture meters, as well as moisture meters in general. Here, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we hear.

What are moisture meters used for?

Moisture meters are used to detect moisture in materials. These devices are handy in industries such as woodworking, flooring, construction, roofing, and others. A moisture meter can help you identify potential problems with moisture to avoid unnecessary damage.

How do moisture meters work?

Moisture meters work on the principle of electrical resistance. Because moisture conducts electricity, it is possible to gauge the level of moisture through the metal contacts at the tip of the probe.

What are the different types of moisture meters?

Moisture meters commonly come in two variations: pin-type or pinless. A pin-type moisture meter utilizes two pins to penetrate the wood in order to determine the moisture level inside the wood. This is the most effective method of determining moisture gradient. Pinless moisture meters read moisture levels at the surface. Pinless meters are good for a quick scan to determine whether there is a problem or not. However, they cannot detect a moisture gradient and can be affected by surface moisture.

How accurate are moisture meters?

This depends on the exact model, but in general, moisture meters are within 1-2% accuracy.

How do I keep my moisture meter in good condition?

There are practices to use in order to keep your moisture meter in working condition. First, always store your moisture meter in a clean and dry location. Additionally, be diligent about changing the batteries and pins; a moisture meter using low batteries may go out of calibration. Finally, keep the meter and electrodes clean by using a biodegradable cleaner on the external parts of the machine. Be sure to use the cleaner only sparingly.

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